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I spent about 4 hours of my bank holiday Monday today processing God’s Word into word clouds that make the most common/dominant words larger, and other common words included. I used the clever website wordle.net and copy/pasted every word of the Bible into it, book at a time. It was really interesting and helpful to see which words were largest, and I really recommend using it; or looking at the ones I made to compliment your bible study or if you’re doing an overview of a Bible book. I also included a ‘wordle’ of the WHOLE Bible in one picture / wordcloud, but I couldn’t find a whole NIV document anywhere so used the King James Version. I take no credit; it’s all God’s word. Thank you God for who you are, what you’ve done and who you’ve given us! 🙂

Here’s the whole collection of them… SirNeilGlen @ Wordle
Here’s a couple of examples…

Judges –
Wordle: Judges

Ephesians –
Wordle: Ephesians


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