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The Pacific

As every other 80’s born kid’s first few years, my childhood was saturated in television. From early morning TV to after-school kids programs, educational videos to disney films, my eyes have become more and more square. Then the 2000’s brought teenage rebellion (staying up ’til after the watershed to realise why there was a watershed) and, film/tv-wise, everything that came with; bad language, porn, drug use and many other evils.

It was just after I became a Christian in 2004 that I realised some of the effects of watching some types of or ‘too much’ TV/films could be unhealthy to the human, let alone the follower of Jesus. I didn’t do much about it at first but over the years these problems have been made aware of and dealt with thanks to the Holy Spirit’s work in my new heart, through God’s word and fellowship with brothers and sisters; changing my eyes and desires.

I’m currently watching a lot on the screen! But its some good stuff. Firstly, i’m half way through watching the sixth and final series of Lost which is currently being premiered on Sky. I’ve been watching every series of Lost since it first appeared in 2004/05. It’s been a great journey, frustrating at times but well worth it, having answered many questions and cleverly intertwined stories and characters together. J.J. Abrams and Jack Bender (and others) have done a great job and i’ve enjoyed watching it over the years, also looking forward to the rest of the series (ending in May).

Yesterday I discovered HBO had brought out the 10-part miniseries ‘The Pacific’, made by the creators of ‘Band of Brothers’ (Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks etc.). It follows the story of the United States Marine Corps during World War II. I’m watching part 2 tomorrow, there’s some great historical re-enactments, emotions and true stories of war veterans like that of Band of Brothers.

Thirdly and fourthly are the current new BBC series’ of 80’s cop drama Ashes to Ashes and family comedy Outnumbered. Both are really great. The former for the music and storylines (and DCI Gene Hunt’s deadpan humour and sarcasm!) and the latter for the children’s questions and parents answers that made it so successful in the first two series of Outnumbered. I’ll be writing more in-depth / story reviews of these when they are at completion (hope i’m not giving too much away in this blog-post!)


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